If your customers go on playing with you even after they've left your casino, they won't play with your competitors!

We are the leaders in providing live gaming packages for physical casinos with four installations in Europe to our credit.

Medialivecasino can give all land-based casinos the know-how and hardware they need to broadcast the following games with live croupier online directly from the casino’s gaming rooms, without additional personnel: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas Hold ’em Poker.

In this way your customers can play:

  • when they go home
  • from their hotel room via television
  • inside the gaming room itself by tablet

The advantages:

from home, they can go on playing with the same casino rather than with competitors
those who, for logistical reasons, cannot physically play in the land-based casino
we are responsible for all services, relieving the casino of the burden of operational management of the online gaming room.
thanks to our previous experience, we can configure video cameras, hardware and software in just a few weeks
once installed, the service is completely independent and requires no particular involvement from the casino staff.
compatible with all desktop and mobile devices, like all our games


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The Casino of Sanremo is a majestic and elegant building, known for its Art Nouveau and Deco, founded in Sanremo, Italy. Medialive has been selected by Casino Sanremo as a technology partner to bring online its gaming tables, thanks to our Live Roulette. Online players have the chance to play the classic green tables of Sanremo, together with the players present in the gambling halls.

The roulette of Sanremo online has generated an increase in profits of 10% at no cost to the Casino

          Giuseppe Di Meco, President of the Sanremo Casino S.p.A.


The Hit Group ranks among the largest entertainment providers in Europe with 6 casinos, more than 3,400 slot machines and 216 gaming tables. Our Live Game solutions are installed in casinos Perla in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

The expansion of online Hitstars.it project was entrusted to Medialive, a leading company in this sector, thanks to its proven experience, is the only one able to allow players to bet on the same table where there are professional dealer and real players, thus offering a unique experience on the market.”

          Zvonko Petje, Head of e-Gaming for Hit Group


Olympic Entertainment Group is the leading gaming services provider in the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and operates casinos in Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Italy and Malta. Our Live games solutions are installed in the Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn, Estonia.

We were impressed by the new game interface developed specially for us. The project, undertaken with Medialive, complete our portfolio of online games and will enable us to take another step in the realization of our multi-channel strategy. ”

          Veiko Krünberg, Managing Director of Online Operations and the Olympic Sports Betting Group


Ideal to offer a more realistic experience, with real players sitting at the table


Ideal to offer an exclusive environment to VIP players
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