Live Casino Multigame

This new mode allows PC, Mac and Kiosk users to play up to four different tables simultaneously in multi-game mode.

Players can add the tables they prefer with any combination from both the lobby or game itself.

The views available will be the classic single view in which attention is concentrated on one game only, a double view in which the player sees two different tables side-by-side and a multiple view with a global view of three or four open tables.


  • The multi-game mode is included in our White Label* solutions
  • For webservices and clients integrating the live games, we provide client and server side compatibility to open a number of gaming tables by the same user on the same wallet.


  • A wider offer
  • A new gaming experience for demanding users and VIPs
  • Higher profits for operators (more bets over the same period of time)

Compatible with:


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