Customisable widescreen interface for branded private tables

Roulette Wide

The new chroma key Roulette expands the offer of “dedicated tables” with a completely customisable interface.

By means of green screen technology, the background can be modified and logos and banners with links to the operator’s site can be added.

An important branding and marketing advantage to increase player retention and facilitate cross-selling with other products on the platform.



Publicity spaces

Real time statistics


redesigned interface to adapt to new widescreen monitors
software to modify backgrounds and include logos in the green baize
the banners can be managed independently, with links to the customer’s own landing pages
the numbers with the most bets are displayed in real time
the fiches of the other players sitting at the table are visible


HD audio/video infrastructure for greater sharpness in recognising the winning number
scalable architecture, no limit to the number of players connected
fast communications protocols to minimise game length
to modify game settings and customise the interface

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