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VR Roulette

The virtual reality viewers are catching on in the gaming industry as anticipates a study by Juniper Research, “Mobile & Online Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries, Betting & VR 2016-2021”. Bets placed by Virtual Reality (VR) will grow from 58 million dollars in the course of the year to more than half a billion by 2021, with a 800% increase.
Thanks to this new technology developed by Medialivecasino you can now play live roulette, using a virtual reality visor, and experience a 360 ​​degree gaming world. The player will face the roulette table and will be able to move within the Medialive studios, thereby increasing the realism of the game.
Our aim is to find innovative solutions to conquer a new target of players and thanks to virtual reality we can finally attract Millennials who until now were not very interested in live games. This solution also allows you to retain customers by offering them a VIP gift box already configured to be able to enjoy the new gaming experience.
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