New statistics and bonus bets

Baccarat Malta

Live Baccarat from Malta is the classical Baccarat based on statistics and probability.

The interface is conceived to allow the player to play while at the same time viewing the statistics, for expert players, the most important element for deciding the bet.
Unlimited multiplayer table, with the other players displayed at random from those online to make the game more interesting.
The real time statistics include the trend of the principal bets, using a percentage to indicate the choice made by all the online gamblers on Punto, Banco or Egalité.


trends of the principal bets
bonuses and principal side bets
to interact with the dealer and players sitting at the table
including Bead Road, Big Road, Small Road, Cockroach Pig, Big Eye Boy


HD audio/video infrastructure for greater sharpness in recognising the cards
the games are scalable with unlimited players
fast communications protocols and preselection of action to minimise game length
betting on the table as in a casino

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