Automatic compressed air roulette with lower bets and shorter gaming times

Automatic Roulette

Our automatic roulette live from Malta is the ideal game for newcomers and players who prefer fast games.

Thanks to the lower limits and shorter game times, this roulette can reach more than 80 games per hour.

The audio effects can be customised by the player who can activate background music and listen to the winning number being read.

The view is fixed on the roulette ensuring the ball remains constantly in view.


numbers with most bets and history of the last 100 spins
betting on the table as in a casino
during “bets open”, other players’ bets are visible, displayed as grey fiches on the baize and updated every 3 seconds
highest bets and a list of all the winners


HD audio/video infrastructure for greater sharpness in recognising the winning number
scalable architecture, no limit to the number of players connected
fast communications protocols to minimise game length
to modify the game settings and customise the interface
to interact with other players sitting at the table
highest bets and a list of all the winners

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