The Medialive live gaming lobby has been developed with complete user involvement in mind.

Lobby Medialive Casino

The aim of the Lobby is to help the player choose the “best” game and table at that particular moment.
The graphic component is accompanied by detailed statistics updated in real time to help the user decide.

Information included:

  • name of table
  • name of dealer
  • state of table (open, closed, shuffling, opening cards)
  • table times
  • table times
  • table language
  • players online
  • latest winners
  • statistics on latest numbers (Roulette)
  • players seated at table (Blackjack and Baccarat)
  • last dealer hands (Blackjack)
  • Bead Road (Baccarat)


For customers integrating our live games, we provide both the complete standard version and the data flow and graphic components to construct the lobby according to their technical and style requirements.

The lobby is included in the complete standard version of our Casino Skin solutions.

Compatibile with:


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