Fully branded environments with limited investment

Dedicated Tables

The Dedicated Tables option enables operators to create their own live gaming experience by customising a chroma key table in our Malta studios.

The use of “green screen” technology allows the background to be modified and logos and banners with links to the operator’s site to be added.

This important branding and marketing advantage promotes player retention and facilitates cross-selling with other products on the platform.


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  • Own-brand table with virtual background using chroma key technology
  • Integrate your betting odds or offers, facilitating cross-selling
  • Gaming times and limits fully customisable in real time
  • Complete interaction with the players (private chat, blocked list, VIP)


  • Customisation of the gaming experience
  • Unique made-to-measure product
  • Complete control of the gaming tables and players
  • Chroma key background customisable in real time
  • Data displayed on the screen in real time


  • Rapid setup times
  • Updating and maintenance software included
  • Customer service enabled for promotional communications and messages to users
  • Also available on all mobile devices

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