Jackpot Live Roulette

Medialivecasino presents a brand new game, unique in the World: the Jackpot Live Roulette. Thanks to our patent, we are the one and only live games provider to offer this most desired game. Players, while playing a normal roulette game, with no extra actions, will be able to win up to three progressive jackpots.
The first jackpot will be released when there is a repetition of the same three drawn numbers, and so on up to five repetitions.

The Jackpot Live Roulette is now available to all our integrated partners and to the ones which will join us!

Key features:

3 jackpot’s levels: bronze, silver and gold
Progressive jackpot accumulation split for every partner
Rich animations during the game
Jackpots released when there is a repetition of 3, 4 and 5 numbers in a row
Different accumulation percentages settable for every partner
Patent pending game

Regulated with:

Compatible with:


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